Philosophy has always interested me, and particularly the ways in which we can apply its classic ideas, concepts and questions to our age. Modern society often feels overwhelming, too busy and impatient. But living in it also has a lot of advantages. There has never been a time when it was so easy to connect with anyone and to evolve in certain skills as the time we're currently living in. Ironically, that's also the reason why we're often unable to connect or to evolve. I like to wind down and watch or read little essays by The School of Life whenever I feel a bit under the weather because of that.

The School of Life has devisions all over the world. They run courses, publish books, create films and whatnot about the important questions of life. Basically they try to emotionally educate through culture in a very accessible way. They also have a webshop, beware. I got to know this organisation through reading Alain de Botton, who founded it in 2008 together with some colleagues. Alain de Botton is one of the most important philosophers of our modern times and wrote bestsellers such as The Architecture of Happiness.

The films have very nice animations and are narrated by Alain, whose voice has a very calming effect on me *not joking*. I especially love how easy and simple these videos are explained, because philosophy can get quite intense and is usually not so relaxing. The fun thing is they also mix it up with science sometimes, so that you can even learn something. For some reason, these videos make philosophy into a very soothing and comforting matter. Not Nietzsche-like at all.

Here's some of their best films (more like animated mini-essays) to my idea: