I'm enjoying a short stay in Milan for the Digital Design Days 2017 and OFFF Milan pushed together in one conference. Here's a small update because I'm too much in vacation mode for a blogpost.

This year I went for the first time to OFFF Barcelona, but I couldn't stay long. I liked it so much I wanted to have another conference on my schedual to look forward to in the near future and discovered there's also an Italian version each year. Never been to Italy by the way, up until now I'm flabbergasted by how many food you get in the restaurants. When I say "stop, I got enough, I'd like to pay now please", I literally get more.

OFFF Milano is slightly smaller and less popular, maybe because half the talks of this conference are held in Italian. That's kind of a bummer, but luckily there seems to be enough interesting talks going on in the Purple room.

As I'm deep into 3D design these days, I felt the influence a lot inside the design and visuals/trailer. 3D is hotter than ever and this gives me even more inspiration to start booming soon.

Today I saw talks by Andy Dahley who works at Google, Matias Corea who founded Behance, an agency that calls themselves Epic (Every Pixel Counts) and 2 guys from Your Majesty.

The first day was very light to my ears and eyes, nothing deep and more of a showoff. I like talks where struggles are shown behind projects so I'm kind of hoping for that the next few days. The talk by Matias Corea was the coolest because I've been using Behance for years, it was nice to see the man and his story behind it.

Best discovery on this festival yet: fried cauliflower. That shit is the best.

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