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What software do you use?

I paint on an iPad Pro in Procreate and/or Adobe Photoshop on pc using a Wacom Cintiq tablet. I like to switch between both.
I mostly paint on my iPad when I don't want to feel chained to my desk. When I feel like I need more control over stuff like colours or need a second screen/bigger screen size, I switch to my pc workstation. For 3D I use Cinema4D and Octane.

Can I use your existing art for my album cover/commercial project?

Obviously this is only possible with my permission and license fee. If you see anything I made just for fun and think it would fit your project perfectly, but I always prefer commissions (which can also be inspired by my earlier work). All rights are reserved on all art that is to be found on this portfolio website and using it for commercial use without my permission is copyright infringement.

Do you also create logos and branding?

Even though I position myself as an illustrator/visual artist these days, I graduated as a graphic designer and first started out designing branding. I still love doing branding now and then  but I'm rather selective in the branding projects I take on. If I don't feel a personal connection to your brand, I don't think I'm the right person to create a logo for it.

Can I share your work on my social media, or use it for a personal project such as a tattoo?

If you like my work, you're absolutely welcome to share it! I'm grateful for anyone who appreciates my work and wants to put it out there. However, anything commercial I should always be contacted for. Feel free to use my work for anything personal/non-commercial, ideally adding credit. 


Do you paint digitally or traditionally?

I actually do both, but mainly digital painting. I like to do traditional painting to have some variation and both ways of working have their benefits. With digital painting I like the flexibility and speed, while with oils I can stay familiar with the feeling of real paint and brushes. This way of working also keeps things fresh. I learned to draw and paint in a traditional way first, so it's nice to return to it once in a while.

What are your prices? How long does it take to create an illustration? 

How much a project costs and how long it takes will a hundred procent depend on what you need, just as timing will depend on the specific moment in time when this question comes my way. If you're interested in working together, please hit me up and I will gladly put together a proposal for your project. If you're having a hard time trying to decide what you need, feel free to put together a moodboard using tools such as Pinterest.

What was the name of that app you can't live without?

You probably mean Headspace or Notion


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