De Jeugdrechtbank Van De Toekomst — Pleegzorg Antwerpen

Back to overview When going to a foster family, children need to visit juvenile court every year when they turn 12. This can of course be a scary process, and this is why Pleegzorg Vlaanderen (Foster Care Flanders) asked me to create visuals and branding for a toolkit. This toolkit uses gamification to help the […] branding

Back to overview is a brand new and independent tv production company founded by Kris Spaepen, Anouck Vercammen and Koen De Blende. I had lots of fun creating their branding influenced by carnival and circus. I created both a 2D and 3D logo. Share on: 

Akiba branding

I created the logo for Akiba, a unique Japanese & American store for candy, soda and manga. Akiba brought the Akihabara quarters from Japan to the West.

Weyn beer label

Back to overview Maarten Weyn is a maker pur sang who brewed his own beer and asked me to create a beer label and branding. Bucket list material! I created a 3D illustration for the label,  implemented all kinds of different objects and tools, refering to his love for building and experimenting. Client: Maarten Weyn […]