De Jeugdrechtbank Van De Toekomst — Pleegzorg Antwerpen

Back to overview When going to a foster family, children need to visit juvenile court every year when they turn 12. This can of course be a scary process, and this is why Pleegzorg Vlaanderen (Foster Care Flanders) asked me to create visuals and branding for a toolkit. This toolkit uses gamification to help the […]

Code Van Coppens

Back to overview Code Van Coppens is a Belgian tv show where celebrities have to solve themed escape rooms. They asked me to create digital 3D versions of the rooms which were then used on Instagram as a playable, interactive version of the tv show. Clues were hidden in the images. Scroll to see all […]

Nostalgie — 80’s top 880

Back to overview Painted poster and branding for the 80’s top 880 by radio Nostalgie.Entirely painted in Procreate and 3D logo created in Photoshop. Scroll for details! Client: radio Nostalgie SHARE ON: 

FFO Oostende — Expo 20 jaar Vlaamse film

Back to overview Filmfestival Ostend asked me to create a poster for an exhibition about 20 years of movie production in Flanders. ‘Het Wonder Is Geschied’, the famous quote from the movie ‘De Helaasheid Der Dingen’ (‘The Misfortunates’) served as the title for this exhibition, and I drew a poster full of references to other […]

Lukas Lelie — Ik Doe Mijn Best

Back to overview Lukas asked me to create a poster for his comedy show ‘I Do My Best’. His comedy is centered around his relationship with food, especially cookies. I used 3D to create a cookie and packaging with his name as the brand. Client: Lukas Lelie SHARE ON:

Bingo Milch — Inglorious Basterds tribute

Back to overview The way this poster came about: a dream! One night, I dreamt that Hans Landa (the infamous character who shouts “That’s a Bingo!” in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds) had his own milk brand. And so, I decided to fully develop it as a fictional branding, complete with an accompanying advertising poster straight out […]