Girlboss Brand Boost Session


Girlboss Brand Boost Session


Girlboss Brand Boost Session

In the Girlboss Brand Boost Session I help you set out a creative strategy for your girlboss branding before actually investing in branding. 
I help you find out what your brand needs the most right now, with your current goals.

Too often people just want a logo and a website because they think they need one but have no idea why. Or they make a logo themselves to save money while they have no idea of how their clients see them. By having no strategy at all or wanting to save money, they make their business unknowingly vulnerable.

This session is for you if...

  • You're a girlboss or freelancer in the startup phase
  • You're absolutely sure you need branding (a logo, a website,...) but you don't really know why
  • You're interested in hiring a graphic designer to (re)design your branding
  • You genuinely want some advice from a fellow girlboss/entrepreneur
  • You have an idea for a new brand and you'd like the advice from a designer as a third party

What you should know upfront

  • Sometimes, getting ahead is taking steps back. I'm not going to advise you to build a circus if you haven't even found monkeys yet. Most people want to start big from the beginning, but I will only tell you what you need right now.
  • What I will do whenever I can though, is to help you devide your plan into action steps and possible outcomes so that you can have a clear view on what is needed, or realistic, both short and long term
  • I get in touch with a lot of artistic entrepreneurs now and then, so I have a good major view on costs in basically any part of the art department. If somehow you'll need copywriting, an app, a video,... I will be able to roughly tell you what to expect (next to my own field of work).
  • My advice is non-committal. If you don't agree on certain things, even that will tell you something about what you really want. Knowing what you don't want is equally important as the opposite, if not more important. 

How to plan your session

  1. You can either plan an online session or meet me in real life at Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp. You can choose your preference in the booking slots below.
  2. The session lasts 50 minutes and your investment is € 45 excl. VAT. You'll first need to book one of the open meeting slots and then you'll receive an invitation through mail to pay through PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer. After that, the meeting is confirmed.
  3. After payment you receive some worksheets with questions about your business and branding. This will help you determine specific questions you need to get answered during the session. I strongly advise you to fill these out and send it back so that I can properly prepare our session. You're fully responsible for this as I can't force you to do the preparation. The list itself includes obvious guidelines as well in order for you to get as much out of your session as you can. Sessions are always planned at least 2 weeks ahead so that I have enough time to prepare.

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Then what?

When we're done with the session, I might make you an offer according to what your needs are. You're completely free to take or leave any offers I make during this session. You get actionable advice during this session even if we're not collaborating afterwards. 

About Studio Caro

Since I became a freelancer in 2015, I started out with zero clients. However, I soon got to work for big clients such as a university and even a national tv station. Right now, I've been in this game for almost 2 years and already learned a lot. Branding myself is something I keep finetuning everyday. And more than just branding my clients, I want them to invest in branding for the right reasons.

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On Twitter, I also share some insights from time to time with the hashtag #girlbosshustle. You can read a few of them below. 


About Caroline Vermeir

Since I became a freelancer in mid 2015, I've had a variety of both small and bigger clients. But one thing is sure: I love supporting and collaborating with fellow girlbosses.