In a fast-changing world, catching the customer’s eye is essential. More than this, I make sure you also retain it.

Customers are not just buyers, they are humans who deserve  to feel inspired by their senses every day. If you create anything intended for consumption and sale, it is important to make it visually appealing, fit for your brand and aesthetically pleasing. I’m happy to assist in doing so!

My personal mission is: why design something ugly when you can make it pretty?


What can I do for you?

here’s a few of my

favourite things

illustrated posters

Need a bold illustrated poster for your event, campaign or movie? I'm your woman! A bold illustated poster will attract the Here's a selection of recent posters I did.
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editorial illustration

Give me a magazine cover or an article and I'll illustrate it. No time to waste, the deadline's closing in!
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book covers etc.

Aaaaah, the smell of a new book... Or an old one for that matter. Also love those vintage bookshops. In London. Actually I also love the new shops. Did I mention record shops? ... Sorry, drifting off!
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