back to the future
official print 

illustrated/alternate movie poster

Zavvi asked me to design an official screenprint poster celebrating the 35th birthday. As BTTF is one of my all-time favourite movies ever, this was a no-brainer.
I was given a few scenes from the first movie to choose from and re-imagine it through my own artistic eye. We chose the iconic scene where the DeLorean lands in a barn. This was a real challenge and one of the artworks I'm most proud of.


This print was partly created in 3D to re-imagine the scene with the DeLorean headlights. This helped in catching the light in the right way. I first created the scenery in 3D, adding textures, lighting, Marty in his suit and surrounding elements like the hay later on in the process. 

This print was created in 20 pieces and sold out as a signed limited edition on the Zavvi shop.


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