My story

My name is Caroline.
I’m a 28 year old graphic designer living and working in Antwerp. I design your visual identity and shake it up with eyecatching illustrations.

But no glam without a plan. Your logo and visual identity in general has to resemble your vision so I set out a creative strategy based on your ambition. I take the time to understand your business and refine every detail. With (3D) illustrations and animations I add some friskiness that will set your identity apart.

Once it’s time to build your website I’m the perfect sparring partner for (your) developers because of my background in front-end development. While they do what they do best, I guard your branding.

I believe there is strength in being gentle and pure - and a little playful - and am not afraid to show this through my work. My best creations come to life when clients inspire me with their work, business or vision. I enjoy working with creative makers who dare to dream and small businesses that stir things up

In 2012 I got my master degree in visual arts and the next three years I worked in different agencies. As a kid I dreamt of creating while wandering but I wasn’t doing that at all. So in 2015 I decided to be my own girl boss, and I couldn’t be more happier since living the dream is pretty neat


It all started when I was a little girl and the beautiful oil paintings of my dad challenged me to find my own talent. My future plans - of being a creative wanderer - wavered until I discovered digital art at age 15. I taught myself Photoshop and knew: this is it. I spent days and nights developing my own style and learning new techniques, which I still do. No day passes without creation or self-education.

I’m a keen self-taught person yet not every moment is about design: I enjoy a good laugh during a comedy show, a night to the movies or playing guitar. My rabbit Noah might know all my secrets but unfortunately he’s not the best assistent.

ghostwritten by the lovely

KATRIEN MEERMANS // stille bliksem

AWESOME 3D scan By

SIMON TRUANT // 3Dinfinity


This is my story, I’d love to hear yours.
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Some things I did in the past


Freelance Creative



2016 / 2017

Freelance Graphic Designer



Girlboss, Graphic Designer & 3D Illustrator


2015 — NOW


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