The work of Caroline Vermeir

© Picture by Birgit Swinnen


Hi, glad you reached my website! I’m a freelance graphic designer & illustrator born in 1989 and based in Antwerp (Belgium). I specialise in branding and illustrations for popculture, magazines and brands.

My mind is always racing, but when I’m creating everything else fades away. My work constantly pushes the boundaries of combining graphic design with (3D) illustration. I believe mastering both makes me able to create transcending work using bold colours, an eye for detail and a touch of realism.

My mission is to make everything in life into a work of art.

I aim to nourish both the eyes and the soul. My vision is that life is too short, and our world fast-paced, while our minds need room to drift away. Through my work, I want to captivate people, make them pause, wonder and feel as inspired as I felt while creating it. 

From a very young age, I had a burning desire to create. My dad, who indulged in painting still lives with oil on canvas, served as my inspiration. During my high school years, I spent my nights staying up late, delving into my creative passions, while secretly sketching in my notebooks or spending more time in designing my homework PowerPoints than actually writing them. 

Finally, at age 18, I went to study art in college. The moment I stepped through that door, I knew my future looked bright. 

Originally graduated as a graphic designer with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts (Sint Lucas Antwerp 2012), my love for design never died but currently plays more of a secondary role in my illustrated work.

Presenting my work at Fort Napoleon Oostende in 2020 — © HLN

I started my own business in 2015 and up until today I have the pleasure to work for a variety of local and international clients.

I created my first official album cover for Coely’s Different Waters Deluxe in 2017 and my first official illustrated poster for Universal’s Back To The Future in 2019.

3D illustration (Cinema4D & Octane, Blender) and digital painting (iPad Pro & Procreate/Adobe Photoshop & Wacom Cintiq) are my favourite techniques.

I love painting nostalgic scenes and objects. If I had a time travel machine, I’d be hanging out somewhere around 1985 a lot of the time. Dancing to tacky new wave bands, drowning in sweet neon-coloured melancholy. 

HOW I describe my work















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