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Corporate Canvas

turn your "About Us" into fine art

If you’re a business owner, this might sound familiar: your business plan is finished, the office is decorated, you recruited the best people, your website is almost finished… Now you only need a fun “About Us”-page! Customers value seeing a face associated with the company they are doing business with, so you want to include an image of each employee on this page. 

We’ve got a situation here! 

Of course your team members have some cute pictures of themselves, but they’re far from award-winning stuff. Gary only has a handful of blurry photos to his name, along with a PhD in ‘The Art of Avoiding Any Camera Lens.’ Next to that, your account manager holds a cocktail in each picture. Sounds more like a personal Facebook-profile rather than a corporate website right? You need the two magic words: consistency and branding. And I can tell you’re looking for something more unique than just a standard team shoot – something that doesn’t require your CFO to spend hours flying from Mumbai to London.

Enter Corporate Canvas!

That’s where my artistry comes in!

Every portrait is painted digitally by hand in my typical style, rich with brushstrokes. The clothing of your team can be customised to fit the colours of your branding, and from a simple selfie I can start painting their portrait. A Company Canvas portrait series adds an extra touch of je-ne-sais-quoi to your company image. Above all, this is the ideal gift to thank your team for their hard work, win-win!

Use case:
the office

Imagine this office without the portraits. Looks dull, right?!

The portraits as posters hanging in your office give you the perfect feature to stand out from your competition by getting the attention of clients who enter the building, office or meeting room. They will feel instantly welcome and inspired! 

Use case:

The portraits used as illustrations in your magazine are the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself from competitors, retain the attention of your reader (is it a photo or is it a drawing?), and give your magazine a pleasant design. The transparent background blends the portrait nicely into the rest of the layout.

Corporate Canvas


No more:

What clients say


“Thanks for the nice collaboration! Thanks to Studio Caro’s flexibility, we can use the great results in a professional way tailored to our branding.”

HANS VAN GruNDerBEECK — Managing Partner

and packages

Every portrait is painted manually and digitally on an iPad in Procreate. This process takes more or less 8 hours per portrait. This is why, when ordering a Corporate Canvas package, you receive a unique and personalised portrait tailored to your feedback and branding.

Two's company

Founders package
1.197 excl. VAT
  • 2 painted portraits
  • Delivered as high res A2 size
  • Use everywhere you like

Three's a crowd

Start-up package
1.797 excl. VAT
  • 3 painted portraits
  • Delivered as high res A2 size
  • Use everywhere you like


Larger teams
Custom Custom price
  • > 3 painted portraits
  • Delivered as high res A2 size
  • Use everywhere you like

How does it work?


Place Order

Choose a package to your liking or request a custom quote.


Send photos

I’ll need some photos of your team. Basic selfies taken with a smartphone are enough!



I start painting, taking your guidelines into consideration as I create my artwork.



You receive your team portraits as high-res files. Now you can decorate your website and office!

Hi, I'm Caroline!

A freelance visual artist who loves PAINTING portraits.

Before (and after, for that matter) receiving my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, I painted a lot of faces. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I loved drawing so I was already drawing a lot anyway, but as an assigment in college I was asked to paint so many self-portraits that I could draw my face from memory. However, it never felt like a drag because I loved it so much. Painting a person’s best facial features is flattering and can really make their soul sparkle.


If you’d like to see price packages, here you go! For anything else concerning the Corporate Canvas series, you’re free to shoot me an e-mail. I answer within 48 hours.

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